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Dear Friends of Fayetteville,

In the past eight years, I have accomplished so much to be proud of. I helped make it illegal to fire or evict someone for being gay or transgender. I expanded options for food trucks and trailers. I’ve won more than $300,000 in grant awards for urban designs. I’ve personally negotiated new trail infrastructure for midtown. And, I voted to fund the acquisition and development of Kessler Park, restoration of our historic bridges, improvements to Wilson Park coming in 2017, and more than $40 million in infrastructure upgrades and repairs.

I work hard and I get things done. I understand the mechanics of local government. I’m asking you to vote for me on November 8. Let’s have four more years of effective leadership.

Yours in service,


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The Last Eight Years

  • Enacted anti-discrimination protections for LGBT citizens
  • Expanded options for food trucks and trailers
  • Funded new plan for transportation infrastructure
  • Won more than $300,000 in urban design grants
  • Insisted the city use social media to conduct citizen outreach
  • New trail connections for Woodland Junior High and Evelyn Hills
  • Brought new leadership to Advertising and Promotion Commission
  • Established funding stream for murals
  • Expanded the Farmers’ Market to add vendors
  • Preserved the historic Walker-Stone House on Center Street

And voted to fund

  • parking deck construction
  • historic bridge restoration
  • Walton Arts Center expansion
  • 17+ miles of new trail since 2009
  • Kessler Park acquisition and construction
  • Wilson Park improvements in 2017
  • $32+ million in new road infrastructure since 2013

The Next Four Years

Public Space

I will work to improve the public spaces we already have and see new ones built. In the next four years, I will support a new plaza constructed on city-owned land in our downtown and explore opportunities to develop parks and other spaces in each our neighborhoods. A great public space should be a short walk down the street for every resident.

Incremental Neighborhoods

I am committed to reforming our development procedures and design standards so that a traditional way of building is feasible again. No one should need lawyers and development consultants to build a corner store or a home addition. I favor development regulations generally, but our regulations must be calibrated to the buildings we know and love. Today, they are not.


In my tenure as Chair of the Transportation Committee, I advocated for a Transportation Master Plan that would plan the next generation of infrastructure investments. Transit, trails, and streets were included. When complete in 2017, we’ll know how to fix College Avenue, where to build east-west connections, and which investments will have the biggest economic impact.

Event Development

Signature events help define our city’s brand. As Chair of our tourism agency, I have voted to fund many events with the potential to grow. Some, like the Fayetteville Roots Festival, have been successful beyond our expectations. In the next four years I will work to improve events like First Thursday and develop other ventures so that there is always something fun and exciting for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Why I’m Running

I grew up in Harrison, Arkansas playing in the Buffalo River whenever I could. I spent two years in Hot Springs at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Science, and the Arts before moving to Fayetteville in 2002. I have lived here ever since.

Like many of us, I moved here for college. I was offered a job after my freshman year running the Information Technology department for a natural foods distributor headquartered here. It was another eight years before I would return to earn degrees in mathematics and political science.

In 2008 I ran for office. At the time I was running a small nonprofit called The Social Sustenance Organization. With a small group of volunteers, I conducted workshops and built capacity for climate action among local partners. I decided to run for office after testifying before one of Governor Beebe’s commissions. I presented evidence for the high number of jobs that could be created through a targeted program for residential energy efficiency retrofits. Little action was taken after the commission made its recommendations and I realized I needed to be in a position to influence decisions more directly.

When I ran for office the first time, I focused on climate and energy issues. My work has a broader purpose now because I have come to understand cities as a platform for almost everything we do. In so many ways our community and the way it is built and managed impacts our health and our happiness.

This campaign is my third. I’m doing it again because I know I can continue to make an impact. I love Fayetteville and I believe we can make it even better. If you agree, I hope you will support me once again.

Et Cetera

Family: Happily married with two little kids and one cat.

Employment: Entrepreneur building traditional town form projects.

Education: B.S. in Mathematics and Political Science, University of Arkansas.

Favorite food: An alarmingly large bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Favorite past-time: Sitting on the front porch with a book.


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